Monday, May 28, 2012

Instagram Week #5 and #6

| Converting TV shows for the train |
| Work lunch at The Pilot | 
| Saturday Brunch at Moxie's with my precious lightbulb-head, Simon |

| Gift boxes filled with Romanian treats at Lavi's wedding |
| Sitting at the wedding venue, holding back tears |
| Ugly crying by the time the ceremony started. Nick, why you bring no tissues? |

| Green wedding theme |
| Enjoying the fairy light during hor d'ourves |
| I need that roast beef in my life again |

| Long Weekend Nick Bonanza! We got both Saturday and Sunday to ourselves. This flailing tube man was by Sport Chek |
| The Tim Hortons wrap of lactose-filled horror. THAT'S RIGHT. I'M STILL BITTER |
| Sharing a delicious crepe snack with Nick before Avengers 3D |

| Avengers Assemble! |
| Dinner at Iron Chef: Beef Teppanyaki and Geisha Rolls |

| Chopping Shiitake mushrooms with my mom |
| I love my house |
| Flowers from our backyard |

| My amazing veggie stir fry |
| Waiting at Union Station for our train to leave |
| Saturday at Yorkdale with Nick | 

| Tropical fish at the Rainforest Cafe. That place still turns me into an excited 6 year old |
| Lunch at the Pickle Barrel. Does it look mediocre? That's because it was :p |
| Red bean green tea slush at Ten Ren. God, I love red bean | 

| Quick dinner with Nick at Moxie's: Chicken Tenders and the Loaded Burger |
| Cleaned my bathroom on Sunday |
| Organized my beauty products. Ahoy, accomplishment! |

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's in my work bag?

I've been taking my sweet penguin time with blog posts lately. I've jotted down a small list of posts that I would like to complete soon but alas, time constraints and work exhaustion means I'm a sullen owl by the end of the day.

However, I did think it would be fun to do a "What's in my work bag?" post today since it is different from what I would usually carry on a weekend. Please rest assured, I am not nearly this prepared in my real life :p

The bag I'm currently carrying is a white leather one from Danier's. It is my favorite one, I adore it to pieces, I try to prevent it from dirt and all other ailments. I take good care of it and condition it with leather cleansers every month. Shhhhhh! 

The downside is that while the bag is extremely sturdy, it also gets pulled out of shape easily. This really isn't the kind of bag where you can just throw things in there, zip it up and run out the door. I have played many a games of organizational Tetris with it. On the bright side, it has really forced me to stream line my necessities ("No, Angela. You do not need a lint remover and three rollerball fragrances") and bring only what I use.

Front Compartment:

| Club Monaco sunglasses | 
They're one of the few ones that do not push down on the top of my cheeks. I will use them until old age has depleted my apple cheeks. Added bonus: People bother you less in downtown Toronto when you wear sunglasses. 

| Pass card for work |  
I live in fear of forgetting this at home. Not because people would brandish whips at me but because it would be frustrating getting onto other floors.

| Renu eye drops | 
I have eyes like the sahara desert. A drop every few hours saves me from horror movie eyes.

| A little blue note book | 
God, does that really say Princess Dreams on the cover? I need a new one.

Middle Compartment:

| Battered Tommy Hilfiger wallet | 
I am so sorry that I have abused you so. Don't worry, you will be replaced in a few months and shall find a better home in the peace of my drawer.

| Presto card |
Taken out so I can swipe on-the-GO. Ha! Was that a terribly Canadian joke?


Main Compartment

 | Ipod mini | 
Filled with terrible pop music to perk up early mornings.

| Ipad 2 | 
For my 30 minute train ride downtown. I can do one Mad Men episode a day and two episodes of Will and Grace. Win!  

 | Two Staedtler pens in blue and black |
It's always good to carry pens around just in case you need to write something down. My bag has pen compartments so I don't have to worry about them exploding.

Main Compartment continued

| Nature Valley Crunchy Bar |
I bought a giant pack of these from Asian Mecca (Costco). They're delicious, healthy and great for an afternoon snack. My favorite has to be Toasted Almond but I've devoured all of those so I had to move on to Honey and Oats. Please don't disappoint! 

| "Vintage Mickey Mouse" thermos |
My precious mother (because she's so cute I can't handle it) bought this for me on a business trip. It's spill proof and has a separate compartment for tea leaves. 

| McMaster Umbrella |
My one morsel of school pride. I work down the street from the University of Toronto so I get strange looks when it's raining :p

Back Compartment 

| House keys |
 My house keys surrounded by about 4 key chains. I'm due for another one this year! 
If you remember my post from last year, I buy one each year for good luck.

Portable Makeup Bag

This technically goes in my main compartment but I couldn't fit everything in one shot so I gave it its own section :p. If anyone is curious, my makeup bag is by Disaster Designs. It also doubles as my "emergency" bag: it has has antibacterial ointments, Vitamin E pills (in case I forget it take mine in the morning), salve and - feminine - things.

As for make up, I have one Benefit concealer (reasonable) and five lip products (unreasonable):

| Mac Petting Pink Lip Conditioner |
| Lioeli Blooming Pop lip stain in Cherry |
| Mac cremesheen in Deeligh |
  | Nyx Soft Matte lip cream in Antwerp |
| Nars lipstick in Love Devotion |

Basically, if you ever need lipstick, I got your back covered.

On an explanatory note, I'm actually doing it as part of my plan to use up more of my beauty products. I switch different products in every week so I can use up more of my things. This stash was this week's roster. ^_^ 

So that's it! I'm going to go work on my bi-weekly Instagram post because if I don't do it tonight, it shall never be done! I'll probably publish it for tomorrow.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Instagram Week 3 and 4

It's been terribly busy so I haven't been able to update my blog as much as I wanted to. 
Here's to playing catch up with a two week Instagram mash-up!

| Finished undergrad, unpacked bags, room now overstuffed with beauty products |
| Ingredients for lunch: Whole wheat Pita bread, hummus and ham |
| Watching Mad Men on the Go train to work. Don Draper, you lovable fiend |

| First day at work: Shiny work building makes me feel like a grown up |
| Iced Dragonfruit at Teaopia with lots of agave. Right up there with Strawberry Fields! |
| Nick came over to visit last weekend! Shared a Bourbon St. Grill platter in the food court |

| Apple store for Ipod mini repair inquiries. Note to self: Never smash the screen again |
| Mississauga Skyline. Blue is so nice to filter on Instagram! |
| Dinner at Alice Fazooli's with Nick |

| Menu at Fazooli's. I usually bypass everything and go straight for the bruschetta and the Bolognese |
| Yes. The bruschetta be glorious. Heavenly light shines upon it. Our waiter was really sweet and gave us an extra plate of bruschetta |
| I must admit, the Bolognese was quite lacking last week but it's usually amazing. I would still recommend ^ _^ |

| Green tea latte with soy milk at Starbucks on a Friday afternoon |
| Went to Markham to see Nick this weekend. Had a great Dim Sum brunch at T&T. We got an incredible amount of food for 12 dollaaaass |
| Watching Monster's Inc at Sears. Monsters University is coming out next year! | 

| Xiao Long Bao (or soup dumplings)  for dinner at Ding Tai Fung in Markham. For anyone who doesn't know what these are, they have soup building into the actual dumplings so they gush out when you bite into them |
| The cutest Russian Hamster in the world. Nick and I went to Petsmart after dinner and was fascinated by this little one. She looked so happy. Lookit the furry ball of adorability! |
| Papaya courtesy of my mother. Enzymes are good for you :p |